Technical opportunities of the FNL-processor

  • Representing the referential relations between all named entities in a text.
  • Producing for every phrasal name its proper identifying index.
  • Representing the topic-focus structure between consecutive text-sentences.
  • Representing the abstract, syntactic-semantic deep-structure of well-formed text-sentences.
  • Delivering for the same input always the same preferred output-analysis.
  • Facilitating translation of text sentences from deep-structure to deep-structure.
  • Facilitating unambiguous understanding and communication.
  • Facilitating a wide range of NLP-functions to manipulate the parsed and indexed output of a text.
  • Application has a modular structure.
  • Grammar is not coded in the software.
  • Grammar is recorded in well documented production rules.
  • Production rules are easily adjustable.
  • Application is easily adjustable.
  • Application is easy to test.
  • Software is of a limited size.
  • US patent (including 36 claims) has been approved recently by the US Patent Office.
  • Patent will guarantee exclusivity in early development of this new methodology.

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