What is new?

Our Calculemus FNL methodology is revolutionary and unique because:

  • A text (of one or more sentences) can be analyzed as a cohesive domain of all and only indexed phrasal names, referring to the intended entities.
  • A co-reference resolution is included with an accuracy tending to 100%.
  • Ambiguities in a text will be restrained by a detailed unification of words and by a controlled referential cohesion of all names within a text.
  • Further reduction of ambiguity can be achieved by integration of statistical information in the parsing process.
  • The functional rule-based parsing, supported by statistical research, offers a solid base for all kinds of accurate NL-Processing.
  • The FNL methodology is based on General Linguistic Principles, and applicable on all human languages.
  • The US patent (including 36 claims) of the FNL methodology has been approved recently by the US Patent Office.
  • A well documented pilot parser is operational.

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