"Let’s calculate our texts!"

After approximately 15 years of research in the field of Natural Language Processing, Calculemus BV in the Netherlands has invented new ways to understand and to process the complexity of human language.

CALCULEMUS developed a human language model, called Functional Natural Language, that is to be characterized as:

  • A text model: a text in a particular human language must be understood and analysed according to the grammar rules for the construction of that text.
  • A functional model: a particular human language is defined as a formal functional system, delivering always the same preferred output for the same input.
  • A compositional model: The referential meaning of all determined text phrases is a pure function of the composed words and the composing grammar rules, and therefore easy to process.
  • A multilingual model: The model is based on General Linguistic Principles, and therefore applicable on every natural language.

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